1: Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback, is open to a potential NFL comeback with the 49ers.

2: Brady has left the door open for a return to the field if the 49ers reach out to him.

3: Despite retiring from the Buccaneers, Brady is willing to consider a comeback with the 49ers.

4: The 49ers may have a chance to bring back Brady if they make the right call.

5: Tom Brady has expressed his willingness to return to the NFL with the 49ers if needed.

6: Could Tom Brady make a comeback to the NFL with the 49ers? He's not opposed to the idea.

7: The 49ers could potentially reunite with the GOAT quarterback, Tom Brady.

8: Brady's possible return to the 49ers has fans speculating about a legendary comeback.

9: Will Tom Brady don the 49ers jersey once again? The NFL world awaits a potential comeback.

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