1: "The Big Bang Theory" returns with a spinoff series! Meet the 7 guest stars we need in the new show.

2: From iconic TV stars to beloved comedians, these 7 guest stars would bring the perfect dose of humor to the spinoff.

3: Imagine seeing Neil Patrick Harris or Tina Fey make a cameo in "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff. It would be legendary!

4: With the original cast members making appearances, adding these 7 guest stars would only elevate the spinoff's charm.

5: Who wouldn't want to see Will Smith or Emma Stone share the screen with the "Big Bang Theory" gang in the new series?

6: From award-winning actors to fan-favorite comedians, these 7 guest stars are a must-have for the spinoff's success.

7: Bringing in diverse talents like Priyanka Chopra or John Krasinski would give the "Big Bang Theory" spinoff a fresh energy.

8: As the spinoff explores new storylines, having these 7 guest stars on board would make the journey even more exciting.

9: Get ready for some star-studded episodes as "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff welcomes these 7 guest stars to the show!

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