1: 1. Slicked back ponytail: Brush hair back, secure with elastic, smooth flyaways. 2. French braid: Divide hair into three sections, cross sections over middle. 3. Messy bun: Twist hair into bun, secure with pins, pull out loose strands.

2: 4. Half-up top knot: Gather top section of hair, twist into bun, secure. 5. Braided crown: French braid around head, pin in place. 6. Low ponytail: Gather hair at nape of neck, secure with elastic.

3: 7. Sleek straight hair: Use flat iron to straighten hair, finish with shine spray. 8. Boho waves: Curl hair with wand, tousle with fingers. 9. Voluminous curls: Use curling iron to create curls, brush out for volume.

4: 10. Retro pin-up curls: Curl hair with hot rollers, brush out, pin up.

5: 11. Waterfall braid: French braid, dropping strands as you go. 12. Side-swept curls: Curl hair, sweep to one side, pin in place.

6: 13. Twisted crown: Twist sections of hair, pin around head. 14. Bubble ponytail: Secure ponytail with multiple elastics, puff out sections.

7: 15. Fishtail braid: Divide hair into two sections, take small pieces from each side, cross over.

8: 16. Dutch braid: Inverted French braid, cross sections under middle. 17. Top knot bun: Twist hair at crown, secure with elastic, fluff out.

9: 18. Tousled waves: Curl hair with wand, run fingers through for texture. 19. Side braid: Gather hair to one side, braid, secure with elastic.

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