1: Rare Bicentennial Quarter Overview Discover the value of the rare Bicentennial Quarter worth nearly $45,000.

2: Year and Mint Mark Identify the year and mint mark of the valuable Bicentennial Quarters.

3: Condition and Grading Learn how the condition and grading affect the quarter's value.

4: Rarity Factors Explore the rarity factors that make these quarters highly sought after.

5: Recent Sales Find out about recent sales of Bicentennial Quarters worth over $11,000 USD.

6: Investment Potential Consider the investment potential of collecting rare Bicentennial Quarters.

7: Preservation Tips Get tips on how to properly store and preserve your valuable quarters.

8: Authentication Process Understand the authentication process for verifying the authenticity of rare quarters.

9: Conclusion Summarize the value and significance of collecting rare Bicentennial Quarters.

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