1 Get ready for a spine-chilling redesign in the new Venom-inspired costume for a Marvel movie villain.

2 The iconic villain receives a terrifying makeover with the new Venom-inspired costume.

3 Fans are thrilled with the scary new look of their favorite Marvel movie villain.

4 The Venom-inspired costume gives a fresh and terrifying twist to the iconic Marvel villain.

5 Witness the most frightening redesign yet for this classic Marvel movie villain.

6 The new Venom-inspired costume is set to give fans nightmares with its terrifying new look.

7 The iconic Marvel movie villain gets a chilling makeover in the Venom-inspired costume.

8 Prepare to be shocked by the haunting new design of this classic movie villain.

9 Experience the spine-tingling new Venom-inspired costume for the iconic Marvel movie villain.

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