1: Lee Minho, beloved actor, wins hearts yet again. Overseas fans crowned him favorite for 11 years.

2: Fans gush over Lee Minho's charm and talent. His popularity knows no bounds internationally.

3: Lee Minho's acting prowess captivates audiences worldwide. Consistent love from overseas fans for over a decade.

4: From "Boys Over Flowers" to "The King: Eternal Monarch," Lee Minho's diverse roles showcase his versatility.

5: International success solidifies Lee Minho's status. Fans admire his dedication and charisma on screen.

6: Lee Minho's appeal transcends language and culture. Overseas fans continue to support him wholeheartedly.

7: Lee Minho's impact on the global entertainment industry. 11 years of unwavering love and admiration from fans.

8: The actor's humble nature endears him to audiences. Lee Minho's graciousness reciprocates fans' loyalty.

9: Global recognition solidifies Lee Minho's legacy. Overseas fans celebrate his reign as their beloved star.

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