1: Kit Harington confirms Game of Thrones spinoff series about Jon Snow is not happening. Fans disappointed as hopes are dashed.

2: Harington reveals that there are no plans for a spinoff focusing on Jon Snow. The actor closes the door on a potential return.

3: Game of Thrones fans will have to say goodbye to Jon Snow for good. Harington's announcement puts an end to speculation about a spinoff.

4: Although many hoped for a Jon Snow spinoff, Harington confirms it's off the table. Fans will have to cherish the original series.

5: The news of no Jon Snow spinoff comes as a blow to Game of Thrones followers. Harington shares his thoughts on the decision.

6: Harington's confirmation about the Jon Snow spinoff disappoints fans who were eager for more of the beloved character. The end of an era.

7: Jon Snow won't be getting his own show, as Harington confirms the spinoff is not in the works. Game of Thrones fans react to the news.

8: Harington's announcement about the Jon Snow spinoff being off the table leaves fans wondering what's next for the Game of Thrones universe.

9: Fans of Jon Snow will have to make peace with the fact that a spinoff is not happening. Harington's decision marks the end of an era.

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