1: Jon Bon Jovi recalls wild nights with Michael Jackson's chimp, Bubbles, on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

2: Partying with Bubbles was a surreal experience, says Bon Jovi during his interview.

3: The late Michael Jackson's exotic pet brought laughs and memories on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

4: Bubbles stole the spotlight with his playful antics, as Bon Jovi reminisced about their adventures.

5: Fans were left in awe of the unlikely friendship between Bon Jovi and the famous chimp.

6: The energetic chimp added a unique twist to Bon Jovi's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

7: Bubbles' charm and charisma left a lasting impression on Bon Jovi and viewers alike.

8: Bon Jovi's story of partying with Bubbles became a viral sensation on social media.

9: Watch the unforgettable moment when Bon Jovi shares his wild encounter with Bubbles here!

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