1: Jennie Garth reflects on her iconic "I Choose Me" line from 90210. Discover how it became her North Star.

2: In an exclusive interview, Garth reveals the inspiration behind the empowering statement from the hit series.

3: The actress shares how the line resonated with fans and continues to inspire self-love and empowerment.

4: Learn how "I Choose Me" became a catchphrase for Garth's character and a mantra for her personal life.

5: Garth's journey with the iconic line showcases the impact of standing up for oneself and prioritizing self-care.

6: Explore the lasting legacy of the empowering message and its significance in Garth's career and personal growth.

7: Discover the behind-the-scenes stories of how the iconic line was crafted and its impact on Garth's character arc.

8: From on-screen moments to real-life empowerment, Garth's "I Choose Me" line continues to inspire generations.

9: Join Garth on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as she reflects on the enduring impact of her iconic catchphrase.

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